Yahoo! Launches Livestand, a Personalized Living Magazine for iPad

Sunnyvale : Yahoo! Inc. , the premier digital media company, today announced the availability of Livestand from Yahoo! ― a personalized living magazine designed first for iPad — available exclusively on the App Store at launch. Livestand weaves together content from leading third-party publishers and Yahoo!’s global media network to create a visually stunning and deeply personalized digital experience tailored to people’s interests and passions. Livestand is built on Yahoo!’s new Cocktails platform, which powers rapid development and distribution of experiences globally.

“Tablets are profoundly changing how we interact with media and Livestand captures that shift in a deeply personal and imaginative new experience,” said Blake Irving, EVP and chief product officer at Yahoo!, from a press event at the company’s Sunnyvale headquarters. “No one does personalization better than Yahoo!. The technology behind Livestand, combined with its stunning design and fantastic variety of content, redefines what digital media can be.”

Livestand leverages years of Yahoo! innovations, including the C.O.R.E. (content optimization relevance engine) personalization platform, YUI3 JavaScript library, Yahoo! Query Language (YQL), and Hadoop. Built with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, Livestand was also created in tandem with Yahoo!’s new Cocktails platform: Yahoo!’s Mojito, which automatically packages apps for multiple device formats, and Yahoo! Manhattan, which leverages the Yahoo! Cloud to distribute apps and content globally in minutes.

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