XSEL Co-organizes China's First Ever Nationwide Level Outdoor Competition

Xinhua Sports & Entertainment Limited , a leading sports and entertainment media company in China, today announced the first ever nationwide outdoor sports competition in China. The event is called Millionaire Hero’s Cup Outdoor Competition (“Millionaire Hero’s Cup”) and is co-organized by XSEL and the Mountaineering Management Center of the General Administration of Sports (“GAS”) of China. The Millionaire Hero’s Cup is China’s first ever outdoor competition allowed to use the word “China” in its name and is the first national level competition of its kind. Broadcasted nationwide on NMTV, a free-to-air satellite television station, the Millionaire Hero’s Cup will prominently showcase and introduce a number of popular outdoors sports to Chinese viewers, such as rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding, orienteering, hiking, mountain biking, camping and field cooking. The players will compete for the cash prizes of RMB 1 million in total.

“It is a great privilege to be involved with the first annual Millionaire Hero’s Cup as this is the first time an event of this scale has ever been held in China. With a growing appetite for new forms of sports entertainment, the Millionaire Hero’s Cup will be a breath of fresh air for Chinese audiences and will open their eyes to a whole new concept in competitive sports,” said Ms. Fredy Bush, CEO of XSEL. “The Millionaire Hero’s Cup also marks another milestone for XSEL in its execution of sports and entertainment media.”

“With the Millionaire Hero’s Cup, we look not only to offer Chinese viewers a new type of sports entertainment, but also a platform for educating them about our natural environment, encouraging them to preserve and protect it for future generations,” said Mr. Chen Jian Jun, Deputy Director of the Mountaineering Management Center of the General Administration of Sports of China. “Also through this event and the featured outdoor sports, we hope to reinforce across China the virtues of self-advancement and the importance of teamwork.”

The Millionaire Hero’s Cup has been organized with the strict standards of professional outdoor competitions and national level sporting events, with cash prizes of RMB 1 million in total. The first qualifying rounds of the competition commenced on July 4 and 5 and were hosted in Beijing and Shanghai. Following qualifying rounds will take place on July 11 and 12 in Wuhan and Hohhot. Based on individual performance in all the featured events, a total of forty-eight qualifiers, twelve from each of the four qualifying rounds, will be selected to proceed onto the final three rounds of the competition, to be held in Inner Mongolia with its world-class, breath-taking natural reserves befitting the main theme of embracing China’s natural environment. For the final stage of the competition, the forty-eight finalists will be grouped into 4 person squads and compete as a team. It is reported that over 5,000 athletes have registered this year to compete for the cash prizes of RMB 1 million.

The Millionaire Hero’s Cup will be broadcasted nationwide on NMTV, a national free-to-air satellite television station in China that reaches a potential nationwide audience of 250 million viewers. In addition to NMTV, the competition will also be broadcasted across various media including sina.com, youku.com, yoka.com, sg.com.cn and China Radio International FM 91.5.

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