Xinhua launches English television channel

Beijing : China’s state-run news agency Xinhua Thursday launched its English language television channel.

The 24-hour news channel CNC World will broadcast programmes, covering all major political, economic and cultural news around the globe.

Xinhua president Li Congjun said: “CNC will present an international vision with a China perspective. It will broadcast news reports in a timely way and objectively and be a new source of information for global audiences.”

Having branches of Xinhua in more than 130 nations, CNC World will produce extensive and in-depth TV programmes to offer a better view of China to its international audiences, the agency said.

“The rapid growth of new media poses daunting challenges for traditional media organisations. Thus Xinhua has embarked on a strategic restructuring, and a television network is an integral part of it,” said Li Congjun.

The Chinese-language CNC has already been airing across the Asia-Pacific region and in parts of Europe since Jan 1. It started airing on Hong Kong cable television July 1.

CNC World will have global satellite coverage by the end this year. By Oct 1, it will be available on cable networks in regions including the United States.

Xinhua also has plans to produce TV programmes in Russian, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic with contributions from its overseas branches.

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