Wrigley’s Orbit Brand Gets IDA Award

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) has awarded the prestigious IDA Seal of Acceptance to the world’s largest sugar-free chewing gum brand, Wrigley’s Orbit. This makes Wrigley’s Orbit the first and only sugar-free chewing gum in India to earn the IDA Seal.

This is the first time that the IDA has awarded their highly regarded seal of acceptance to a food/confectionery product. Wrigley’s Orbit sugar-free chewing gum is clinically proven to help fight cavities and reduce harmful plaque acids. 17 dental associations worldwide and the prestigious FDI World Dental Federation have recognized the scientific evidence behind the benefit of chewing sugar-free gum for oral health and have endorsed Wrigley’s oral care brands.

The American Dental Association (ADA), known for its stringent acceptance policies, has also awarded the Seal of Acceptance to Wrigley’s sugar-free gums in 2007, after a thorough analysis of nearly 20 years of independent scientific research which demonstrated chewing Wrigley’s sugar-free gums helped to protect dental health.

Dr Ashok Dhoble, Hon. Secretary General, IDA said, “We congratulate Wrigley’s Orbit sugar-free chewing gums for being the first sugar-free chewing gum brand in India to earn the IDA Seal. The IDA Seal is awarded to only those dental products that meet the standards laid out for quality, public safety and effectiveness and also meet the stringent requirements as per the IDA charter. IDA recommends brushing teeth twice a day, flossing daily, eating a balanced diet, seeing a dentist regularly and chewing sugar-free gums which can be a convenient and portable way to maintain and improve oral health. Consumers who chew gum that carry the IDA Seal know that they are enjoying the benefits of trusted and proven oral healthcare.”

Shai Altman, General Manager, Wrigley India Private Limited said, “It is a proud moment for India’s largest sugar-free chewing gum brand Wrigley’s Orbit to earn IDA’s trusted Seal. We are pleased that our commitment to making available a wide range of enjoyable product flavours that help maintain good oral healthcare is being recognized by the IDA. Being awarded the IDA Seal makes it perfectly clear to the Indian consumers that chewing Wrigley’s Orbit sugar-free gums is a convenient and portable way to help maintain and improve oral health anytime anywhere – at home, in the car and in the office!”

Chewing Wrigley’s Orbit sugar-free gum stimulates saliva flow by mechanical and gustatory action. This increased saliva flow accelerates clearance of food debris and dietary carbohydrates from the mouth and helps wash away food particles and neutralizes plaque acid in the mouth. Increased saliva flow carries with it fluoride, phosphate and calcium to help strengthen teeth. Studies show chewing Wrigley’s Orbit sugar-free gum immediately after eating or drinking for a period of 20 minutes helps reduce the incidence of tooth decay by 40%.

Obtaining the IDA Seal of Acceptance for Wrigley’s Orbit sugar-free chewing gums is in addition to Wrigley’s ongoing commitment to advancing and sharing scientific research that explores the benefits of chewing gum. Through the Chicago-based Wrigley Science Institute, which works with independent researchers at leading institutions to learn more about the potential health and wellness benefits of chewing gum, Wrigley is pursuing four key scientific areas: how gum can help reduce situational stress; help manage weight; help increase focus, alertness and concentration; and improve oral health.

Furthering its commitment to oral healthcare and facilitating communications with dental professionals, Wrigley has also created the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programs (WOHP), which operates successfully in 47 countries around the world, including India. Approximately 10,000 dental practitioners in India have become part of WOHP and have been participating in dental conferences and seminars as well as interacted with students and dental practitioners.

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