William Powers Joins Readership Conference

William Powers, Media Critic for the US-based National Journal and author of “Hamlet’s Blackberry: Why Paper is Eternal,” has joined the programme of the 11th Readership Conference and Expo, to be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 16 and 17 October next.

Mr Powers’ report on the power of print provides compelling evidence about why paper will endure. “There are cognitive, cultural and social dimensions to the human-paper dynamic that come into play every time any kind of paper, from a tiny Post-it note to a groaning Sunday newspaper, is used to convey, retrieve or store information,” he writes. “Paper does these jobs in a way that pleases us, which is why, for centuries, we have liked having it around. It’s also why we will never give it up as a medium.”

William Powers will make a keynote address on “The Eternal Power of Print” at the Readership Conference, organised by the World Association of Newspapers. The event, which will draw hundreds of publishers, editors, marketers and other senior newspaper executives from dozens of countries to Amsterdam, aims to help newspaper companies develop audiences on both print and digital channels.

William Powers is the media critic for National Journal. His weekly column, “On the Media,” offers commentary on a broad range of media topics. The column is widely read in media circles and beyond, and is often cited in other national news outlets. Before joining National Journal in 1997, he was a staff writer at The Washington Post, and a senior editor of The New Republic.

He wrote “Hamlet’s Blackberry” for the Joan Shorenstein Center on Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University. It can be downloaded here.

The Readership Conference, formerly known as the Editor & Marketeer Conference, will showcase new ideas and initiatives that have proven successful in delivering continued audience growth on all platforms.

The conference will also include the presentation ceremony for the 2008 World Young Reader Prize, sponsored by Norske Skog, the global paper producer, as part of its support for WAN’s Newspapers in Education Development Project.

The Readership Conference and Expo will run consecutively to the 3rd World Digital Publishing Conference & Expo, to be held on 15-16 October at the same venue. Register for both events and save 25 percent on the second registration.

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