What will Chhota Bheem do for a taste of Del Monte Tomato Ketchup?

You will find the answer in the new Del Monte Tomato Ketchup TVC, on air currently. The TVC is significant because Del Monte – a significant player in the food and beverages market in India has found an unusual brand spokesperson in Chhota Bheem. The well loved character has instant identification with large numbers of young ketchup consumers in the age band 4 to 14 years.

Chhota Bheem is an adventurous and fun loving 9 year old, who is gifted with extraordinary strength and is seen as a guardian and protector of the poor and weak. This fun-loving and popular character has won hearts with his adventures and is well known for his love for food, making him a perfect spokesperson for the new TVC. Brand Del Monte promises Taste. Like Never Before and offers quality products in every category it operates in. In India, Del Monte is present in four categories: Fruit Drinks, Italian Range, and Packaged Fruits and of course, Ketchup & Sauces.

The new Del Monte TVC has an engaging premise that aligns Del Monte and the delicious taste of Del Monte ketchup, loved universally by young consumers, with the cast of Chhota Bheem & Friends series on POGO. The brand therefore expects to gain salience amongst the young TG and their mothers. The product format chosen for this association is also quite apt – the unbreakable easy squeezy pack of Del Monte Tomato Ketchup.

The TVC also supports a tactical promotion wherein with every pack of this multilayered re-usable recyclable plastic ketchup bottle, comes a FREE Snapper Band with one of the Chhota Bheem series characters imprinted upon it. Through this TVC, Del Monte aims to leverage the hero-worship that kids have for Chhota Bheem and their love for Del Monte Tomato Ketchup. It is designed to draw their attention to the collectible series of snappers available free with every purchase of easy squeezy pack of Del Monte Tomato Ketchup.

The TVC itself features the fun loving character Chhota Bheem as a protagonist with his aunt, TunTun Mausi and two friends. His sheer love for snacking along with the desire to taste Del Monte Tomato Ketchup makes him play a prank on his aunt. Mausi is frying hot Samosa’s one fine evening in her kitchen and is suddenly accosted by two ghost-like creatures. She screams aloud and is relieved to see Chhota Bheem appearing quickly and taking on the creatures. She rewards him with a plateful of samosas and also hands him the bottle of easy –squeezy Del Monte Ketchup. In the finale, we find the two “creatures” take off their disguises and it is revealed that they were Chutki and Raju, two of Chhota Bheem’s friends. And they along with Chhota Bheem enjoy the snacks with ketchup and have a hearty laugh over the good-humoured prank.

Consumer Insights:

In the past few years, consumer tastes and preferences for Ketchup have changed manifold. From a topping with snacks, ketchup now is an incentive for kids to try out new meal experiences and an important addition to their favourite foods. Del Monte has launched the TVC after much deliberation keeping in mind that young consumers are seeking to associate themselves with familiar television characters. Chhota Bheem is a much loved Indian cartoon character, known for his legendary appetite and thus a perfect choice for the tie-up and TVC theme.

Commenting on the new TVC, Yogesh Bellani, Business Head, Del Monte Food Business, FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd, said, “We have conceptualized this TVC keeping in mind our target audience – kids, who are usually the end user and purchase influencers in this category. We intend to connect with kids through Chhota Bheem as he is very popular amongst this group. We are positive that through this commercial we will be successful in reinforcing our proposition – ‘Taste. Like never before’.”

Credits:The Del Monte Team

• Yogesh Bellani – Business Head
• Sudipta Sen Gupta – Head Marketing
• Devarshy R Ganguly – Senior Manager Marketing
• Garima Patni – Assistant Manager

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