Website for Undiscovered Artists launched

Two British brothers are launching a new technologically advanced, free website on March 31, 2009 intended to be home for the world’s undiscovered artists. Its name?

Greg Fraser, 30, and Max Fraser, 25, are reaching out to countries from China to Mozambique and Qatar to Brazil to mine the vast pool of talent in the fields of film, fashion, music and art.

Conceived 10 years ago by Greg, while attending the Goldsmith College of Art in London, and developed by Max, since leaving the USC Film School in Los Angeles (both brothers were linguists who attended French Lycees), they are determined to break the control allowed to a limited number of people over artistic lives.

From now on, whether you are writing a script in Bangladesh, designing a dress in Latvia, preparing a two-hour film in Cairo, writing lyrics in Santa Caterina, or designing furniture in Glasgow, you will be able to upload your material and take control of your own world. Placed in a social networking atmosphere comparable to the very best, artists will be able to talk to the outside world with viewers and potential buyers, cutting out costs and developing a reputation with the man in the street. will also be user friendly for both the deaf and the blind.

Both brothers, who work for California-based Scottish America Media LLC, are each developing their own firsts. Greg is producing a music album that will be available by summer 2009, and Max has produced a documentary on Middle America, which has been submitted to the Cannes Film Festival.

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