Webchutney launches Healthcare Division

New Delhi :Leading interactive digital agency, Webchutney, has announced the launch of its Healthcare division to cater to the rising opportunity in demand for healthcare information on the web and mobile platforms in India. Webchutney is the only independent digital creative agency in the country to assign a separate business unit for healthcare.

Speaking on the launch, Sidharth Rao, CEO and Co-Founder, Webchutney said, “There are millions of Indians searching for health care information online today. A recent study conducted by us indicates that as much as 72% of online Indians search for health related information across a host of web platforms, which points to an active user base for healthcare product/service providers online. Our healthcare division aims to guide such brands in consolidating and enhancing their online presence through best-of breed, creative digital solutions to cater to this pre-existing and relatively untapped demand online while expanding their existing focus.”

With the launch of this division, Webchutney intends to streamline internal operations and widen its focus on creating direct links with healthcare product/service providers through dedicated resources.

“Considering the digital initiatives of healthcare marketers in India remain largely unexplored in the online space, we definitely have the ‘first mover’ advantage. The division’s efforts would be directed towards creating collaborative networks to personalize and promote healthcare information while building interactive tools to cater to consumer’s needs intuitively,” Rao added.

With a dedicated team of digital specialists, equipped with relevant knowledge and industry experience, Webchutney’s Healthcare enterprise will have a pan India presence among major Indian cities. “We will make announcements about current engagement with leaders in the healthcare space across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore shortly” said Rao.

“We are keen to integrate new-age digital tools and platforms with conventional healthcare marketing strategies by developing unique, interactive applications and experiences across the web and mobile. As we help healthcare practitioners, caregivers and experts in this filed to connect, engage and collaborate with a new breed of discerning consumers, we’re preparing for a massive change in the healthcare industry which cannot remain immune to the power of ‘participatory’ well-being in the 21st century”, concludes Sidharth.

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