Webchutney, 9.9 School of Convergence to train job-ready graduates in Digital Media

New Delhi: India’s leading digital media agency, Webchutney, and path-breaking Delhi-based media school, 9.9 School of Convergence (SoC), have joined forces in an academy-industry partnership designed to develop and promote SoC’s Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Communication (DMC). The partnership will ensure that the school’s graduates are best prepared for careers in the burgeoning digital media industry.

Webchutney and 9.9 SoC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding under which Webchutney will collaborate with 9.9 SoC to develop the DMC curriculum according to industry needs and standards, and provide faculty, internships and placements for 9.9 SoC students.

The 9.9 SoC Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Communication, an India and indeed global first, is a one-year, full-time programme which combines courses in content creation, strategic communication and digital communication to provide students with the broad set of skills and perspectives they need to embark on careers in digital media. According to Rahul Nanda, Chief Operating Officer, Webchutney, the agency will provide a number of four-month internships for 9.9 SoC students during the final term of the academic year and will have the right of first offer to students during the recruitment period. Digital marketing strategists and experts from Webchutney are invited to participate in interviews in the admissions process for the DMC program.

“In the new digitally networked social economy, we understand that 360 degree connectedness is imperative to thrive in a dynamic, competitive landscape. The decision to partner with an innovative academic institution like 9.9 SoC was driven by our objective to enrich the existing value chain and brace for the massive wave of opportunity sweeping the Indian digital industry today. We’ll be drawing from our rich industry experience and expertise to contribute towards building a robust curriculum which will encourage and foster entrepreneurship as a key learning aspect, while leaning towards a more practical, hands-on learning style with live case studies and strategies to make it more relevant,” added Rahul Nanda.

Under the MOU, Webchutney and 9.9 SoC will work together to develop digital media training programmes and workshops for professionals in marketing and advertising. In addition, 9.9 SoC and Webchutney will work together to develop research capabilities in the digital media space for 9.9 SoC’s research centre.

“Partnerships like this really help to close the gap between studies and practice—giving students both the perspective and the skills they need not only to replicate what is happening in the field, but to become innovators and leaders in it,” 9.9 SoC Dean of Academics, Dr. Eric Saranovitz, said. “Webchutney’s industry knowledge will help 9.9 SoC prepare the future generation of media professionals to exploit the fast-changing world of online and digital media. Students will learn what it takes to manage online communities, undertake a digital marketing campaign, and maximise audience engagement in the digital media space.”

9.9 SoC Dean, Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha said the partnership would address the need to develop key competences in DMC, rather than simply narrow skills. “Education-business partnerships also address the transition from education to work, a true Achilles heel in countries such as ours, where education and the labour market are often poorly matched,” he said.

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