Web18 launches TV Style Programming on Internet

Web18 has introduced TV style programming on the web, Biztech2TV is expected to bring India’s technology business decision makers use technology in their businesses.

Web 18 has launched yet another break-through technology in the digital space with Biztech2TV. With this launch, Web 18, a part of the esteemed Network 18 group has introduced TV style programming on the web, in the presence of the country’s who’s who in the enterprise technology space.

“With fast-paced growth comes a burning need for technology. Being even a second late on adoption of technological innovation is often the difference between a business success and an also-ran.Biztech2.com is the platform through which we strive to oil the wheels of business technology.Today, through Biztech2.com, we take the giant leap of offering TV-style programming on the Web. Adding to the rich & insightful stories of ERP, storage, networks, open source, we now introduce Biztech2TV – with shows every week, gurus speaking on innovations, interviews, case studies, book reviews – all packaged together in a unique format” Surya Mantha CEO, Web18 said .

Biztech2.0, India’s business technology decision maker’s guide, has taken a step further to deliver cutting-edge insights and information for key influencers in Indian businesses. The glittering evening began with an expert note by Mr. Sudin Apte, Country Head, Forrester Research, followed by a keynote from Mr. Ravi Apte, CTO, NSE, who got the American Stock Exchange back on its feet when it was reeling post-9/11.

Biztech2TV is expected to bring in a sea of change in the way India’s technology business decision makers use technology in their businesses. Most Enterprise Technology Professionals present at the event truly believed that Biztech2TV will be a great help and a guide for them in their future endeavors. A reference and a guiding point is what they have always been looking for said one of the delegates present at the launch.

The evening progressed and became an ideal networking opportunity for the delegates from the business and technology community to exchange their views over cocktails and dinner, about the industry they represented.

Biztech2.0 delivers cutting-edge business technology information for decision makers in Indian businesses. In an age where technology is at the heart of business success, we empower business technology decision makers (IT Leaders) with the knowledge they need to navigate the treacherous waters of business technology–we help them buy, select, implement and leverage business technology that will power their business to greater profits and growth.

Powered by an easy-to-use interface that’s accessible both by content type and industry verticals; Biztech2.0 features incisive, crisp and business-centered content, offering business technology decision makers never-before-seen videos, in addition to News, Features, Interviews, Reviews, Case Studies, White Papers and more.

Biztech2.0 is the widest-reach business technology media brand in India today. We leverage the immediacy of the Web, the power of the television medium and the interactivity of face-to-face events–both online and on-ground, all backed by a strong and experienced team of writers focused on Business Technology.

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