Vodafone launches mobile newspaper 'Newswrap'

Chennai: Vodafone Essar has announced the launch of its mobile newspaper – Newswrap for its customers across Tamil Nadu.

Subscribing to this service can read the news as an MMS and will be updated with the latest happenings around the world. In addition to regular morning and evening alerts, any Breaking News will be available at the subscribers’ fingertips. Newswrap provides the reader with a brief synopsis of the news bulletin along with pictures and makes the reading experience more informative. A customer can subscribe to the daily alert priced at Re 1, weekly alerts at Rs 5 or the monthly alerts at Rs 20.

Vodafone Newswrap includes different genres of news, which the customers can read from like national, international, business, current affairs, entertainment and sports.

Steps to activate Vodafone Mobile Newspaper : Vodafone customers send MN as an SMS to 111( toll free ) .They will receive the link for Vodafone Newswrap WAP page which users have to click .The page consists of different price options which users can click subscribe from – daily/weekly/monthly basis .

Customers will start receiving the news alerts .The link can also be accessed from Vodafone Live.

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