Virtual platform for Brands Launched

Pixelkraft has announced the launch of ,an online exhibition platform for brands. With product and service categories that make for easy accessibility and a simple-to-use interface, is whole new way of advertising online. Buzzar willgive you a ‘brandfront’ – a departure from banners, eyeballs, clickthroughs and other conventional online ideas. Buzzar is non-intrusive and allows users to explore brands at their own convenience -an ideal complement to print, radio and television-based advertising.

The dashboard, loaded with features, delivers an enriched brand experience for the user. What’s more, using a comprehensive back-end module, the brand manager can manage brand campaigns and customer-facing marketing collaterals completely. And like your website ID, your brandfront will also have an ID. (e.g) nike> All the user needs to do is to type in your brandfront ID into the navigation panel and he lands on your brandfront, instantly.

In Buzzar the central piece of communication is the “Brand Video” . It can be a commercial, an infomercial, an event video or a video made specifically for your brand front. Everyone knows that the video medium can convey more in less time, than any other medium.

The brand experience is never complete without the shopping. Should you want to tempt your users to making that final decision, the shopping cart gives you a rich, interactive online display and an integrated back-end mechanism to process orders and ship it.

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