Vinod Mehta to retire as Editor-in-Chief of Outlook Group

New Delhi: Vinod Mehta has announced to retire as Editor-in-Chief of Outlook Group. Mr Mehta has served as Editor-in-Chief , Outlook magazine for 17 years. Sources close to the media group said he will continue his association with the group as Advisor. Mr Mehta had joined Outlook group in 1995 when Outlook magazine was launched.

Mehta was born in Rawalpindi, in Pakistan. His family fled to India when he was three. He attended La Martinere school in Lucknow and the university there. He has authored several books including the biographies of Sanjay Gandhi and Meena Kumari. He took over as editor-in-chief of Debonair in 1974. Since then, he has founded and edited numerous publications. He is the founder-editor of India’s first Sunday paper, The Sunday Observer, the founder editor of the now defunct Bombay daily, The Independent, and the founder-editor of The Pioneer (Delhi edition). He was also editor of The Indian Post.

Mr Mehta is greatly respected for his unbiased views on Indian politics. Mr. Mehta is a popular face in Indian TV News channels like Times Now and NDTV. Mehta wrote and presented “Letters from India” for the BBC. His first book, “Bombay: A Private View,” an account of life in Bombay, was self-published.

Source of background information: Wikipedia

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