Vimal Gets A New Look

The iconic textile brand of Reliance Industries Limited, Vimal is being re-launched with a new look, new logo and new offerings. The first Indian textile brand that ruled the hearts of millions is back with contemporary products that will appeal to the consumers in a relevant, modern and contemporary manner.

The new logo displays a new spirit of openness by breaking free from the oblong. The minimalistic letters and styling convey this new open spirit and also are in line with the new fashion thinking of clean and bold lines. This form and style of the logo also makes it more appealing and more relevant to the youth. Further, this innovative logo design is in tune with Vimal’s core strategy of ‘Premium, innovative products that will delight consumers’. The overall brand colour continues to be red, given Vimal’s heritage and given that red is a rich colour of celebration and warmth for Indians.

As one would recall, Vimal had enjoyed the status of being a brand of ‘fashion for everyone’ through its wide range of fabrics. The new logo of Vimal takes off from this heritage and DNA of the brand, to contemporize its ubiquitous appeal. The core quality of ‘fashion for everyone’ will now be highlighted in a contemporary and trendy manner.

The new look Vimal has gone a step ahead to bring to life its core quality of ‘fashion for everyone’ by creating products and product ranges for men. Vimal is already available in a wide range of men’s fabrics.

Now, Vimal will be available in a form that many youth would prefer – Ready to Wear Apparel. Vimal will be launched in a range of men’s apparel to suit every well-groomed man’s wardrobe – shirts, trousers, suits and jackets. These apparel would be designed in keeping with Vimal’s strategy of ‘Premium, innovative

Smt. Nita Ambani, has been involved with all aspects relating to re-launch, store design, branding and customer experience in Vimal re-launch. “We are all very proud of this moment of reviving the Vimal brand which I am sure will once regain the market leadership it enjoyed and top-of-the-mind recall,” she added.

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