Vikas Bajaj to be NYT's First Business Day Correspondent in Mumbai

Former SAJA vice president Vikas Bajaj will move from New York to Mumbai to become NYT’s first business correspondent in the city.

Asked why this assignment at this time, Bajaj told SAJA: “The Indian economy is going through seminal and seismic changes right now. There are many great stories to written about what is going on there, how it affects the world and how it is changing the lives of a billion Indians.”

Here’s the memo from NYT’s Business Editor Larry Ingrassia:


I am pleased to announce that Vikas Bajaj, who has covered the financial markets and housing for the last three years, will become Business Day’s first correspondent in Mumbai, India.

Vikas, who joined the Times in 2005 from The Dallas Morning News, has been an important member of our team covering the financial crisis over the last two years.

At the height of the turmoil last September and October, he focused on the collapse of the stock and credit markets in the aftermath of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, while also writing smart, cogent pieces explaining how Wall Street and the economy were laid low by the lure of easy money and financial engineering. All told, his byline graced the front page three dozen times last year.

In his new assignment, which Vikas will start in late March, he will return to the country of his birth at a crucial time in India’s history. We will look to Vikas to help explain India’s dynamic, and often, chaotic economy and the impact the country’s emergence is having on the world and its own population of more than 1 billion people. Recent events have been especially dramatic, with India being buffeted by the global financial crisis and its proud business community shaken by the revelation of a massive corporate fraud, not to mention the brazen terrorist attack in Mumbai.

In his new job, Vikas will report to Marcus Mabry and work closely with Heather Timmons, our contract writer in New Delhi, as well as our colleagues on the Foreign Desk and the IHT Asia in Hong Kong.

Vikas was born in Mumbai, raised in Bangkok, Thailand and educated at Michigan State. He speaks fluent Hindi, which will serve him well in his new assignment, and some Thai.

Source: SAJA

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