Video Ads on Desktops Spur Action in Indonesia

The vast majority of internet users in Indonesia access digital video, according to 2014 research from Nielsen and Videology, reports

More than nine in 10 web users ages 16 and older viewed digital video monthly in 2014, up from 51% who did so in 2011. And more than eight in 10 viewed digital video weekly.

Mobile phone video viewing specifically was much lower: just 27% of internet users in the country had viewed mobile video in the past year. That was triple the rate of viewership in 2011, but still much lower than rates of digital video viewership overall.

Regardless of what platform digital video viewers might see an ad on, they tended to turn more to desktop or laptop PCs if the ad spurred them to research a product—or buy. The same survey found that 60% of internet users had looked up information about a product or brand via PC at least twice after seeing a digital video ad. An additional 30% of internet users had done so once.

That compared to 43% of internet users who said they had researched multiple times on a mobile device, and another 27% who had done so once.

The skew for purchasing on desktop or laptop vs. mobile devices was similar. Fifty-five percent of internet users had made at least one mobile purchase because of a video ad they saw, vs. 74% who had purchased on a desktop or laptop. One-third of respondents had made multiple purchases via mobile, while 41% had done the same on a PC.

eMarketer estimates that 19.1 million people in Indonesia will make a digital purchase at least once in 2015, while 67.3 million will browse or research products via digital channels.


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