Vibgyor Brand Services celebrates a decade of success

Vibgyor Brand Services, a pioneer in brand activation services has completed 10 years of operations. Vibgyor which started out as a generic event management services company from a backyard and today has transformed into one of the top activation agencies in the country with a Pan India presence.

Vibgyor has six offices and a team of over 90 people that supports top-notch companies like HUL, Dabur India, Pepsi, Samsung, Flipkart, Toshiba etc for their brand activation strategies including events, exhibitions and on-ground consumer contact programmes.

Ankur Kalra, founder and CEO of Vibgyor recalls that a decade ago, he had to explain brand activation and experiential marketing services to his potential clients. Today no marketing plan is complete without Brand Activation and every forward looking company ensures a healthy balance of ATL & BTL as part of their plan. The discussions are now more on strategy, on methods of targeting the specific customer profile, engaging them and ensuring that they experience the brand and convert into loyal consumers.

“This is the reason that we are adopting a new corporate identity and business philosophy today. Our benchmark is going to be how involved we are as a team with the clients brand and how much excitement we can create around it”, Ankur said.

Todays consumers, with the overload of information are looking for exciting brand experience and Vibgyor is committed to delivering the same. Our new philosophy “Involve > Excite” is based on the input output principle – to get involved in a brand to create excitement around it.

The brand activation industry is estimated to be anywhere between 5000 – 6000 crore, growing at 15 – 20 percent per year. Vibgyor clocked a growth rate of 25% last year which is substantially higher than the industry average.“The twin focus on commitment and creativity has enabled us to reach this far and we hope that adding involvement and excitement as part of our service delivery will help our client and in turn enable us stay ahead of the industry and maintain our double digit rate of growth”, adds Ankur. In addition to retaining our key clients we have also added more than 10 fresh accounts to our kitty this year and are hoping to forge long term relationships with each of them.

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