Veristrat Inc. launches of eChunav ,opinion poll site

San Fransisco :, a beta phase opinion-polling site, collects and displays public opinions on key and controversial issues. Launched on August 15, 2010, a date handpicked for symbolic reasons, it was conceived with an aim to let people raise their voice on variety of topics and discuss them openly without external interference.

Unlike most other public opinion polls, eChunav is not affiliated with any political party, religious organizations, or lobby groups. According to the Company Spokesperson, Melissa Thomas, “eChunav is becoming a central databank for public opinion, one that the government, and political and religious groups have to consider before making decisions.”

The site is owned and operated by a San Francisco based Corporation, Veristrat Inc . This further helps in ensuring that site’s content and user opinions are unbiased. Ms. Thomas also says, “being in US helps keep eChunav unleashed, and free from local political influences.”

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