Vdopia Launches Advanced Mobile Advertising Platform

New Delhi : Vdopia , the leading online video advertising network and platform, today announced the launch of iVdopia, India’s first advanced mobile advertising platform and network, pioneering rich media and video advertising on Smartphones. iVdopia’s range of engaging solutions have already revolutionized mobile advertising in the U.S., including successful campaigns for Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, Miller Lite and other leading companies.

With mobile advertising growing incredibly quickly in India, iVdopia’s video and social networking solutions for mobile applications on iPhone, Android and Blackberry Smartphones, will allow advertisers to reach audiences with highly interactive and engaging ads. iVdopia will also provide application developers with a large inventory of brand ads and the ability to serve their own ad campaigns.

“iVdopia is the first to bring Pre-App video advertising to mobile applications and will provide brand advertisers a great way to not just extend their online offering to the mobile web, but also connect with the growing Smartphone user base in India,” said Chhavi Upadhyay, COO, Vdopia.

Arnab Mitra, Director, India at MediaContacts said, “iVdopia’s ad platform brings significant capabilities to engage with consumers in the mobile segment, especially those using Smartphones avidly. There are tectonic changes being experienced in the mobile ecosystem today. Various Smartphones are hitting the market and with the launch of 3G services, we believe iVdopia will take the lead and witness a huge interest from advertisers.”

While some ad networks use only banner ads, iVdopia supports the widest and most engaging ad formats: Pre-App video, logo placement, banner ads and, for the first time, sponsorship ads to the smartphone applications. Its proprietary technology enables complete analytics for both applications and advertisements, including information on user reach, user engagement and the number of times users play ads.

Saurabh Bhatia, Chief Business Officer, Vdopia pointed out, “100 million! Those are the number of 3G-enabled handsets expected in India by 2012. The mobile advertising medium will inarguably offer the highest number of unique users. Proportionate to mobile content usage, the mobile ad market is projected to grow by more than 700 to 800 percent year-on-year and we soon expect FMCG, technology, automobile, consumer electronics and the entertainment industry to embrace 3G mobile ads in India.”

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