Vale study Reveals New Business Practices by agencies

New Delhi : Jorg Borgwardt, Managing Partner of Vale International, presented an in-depth analysis of New Business Practices among advertising agencies that were disclosed in a six continent study during the in’ global meeting in New Delhi.

“Over 300 offices with 12,800 employees enabled us to compare 2009 versus 2008 practices and were surprised at some of the findings” said Borgwardt. “The full report will be distributed to participants in early May.”

Michel Goddet, Executive Director of in’, an international communications network, was pleased that his members contributed to the research and invited Borgwardt to share the highlights of the study and some strategies which might be considered during 2010. “I am pleased that we could provide a discreet venue” said Goddet “for a very early look at the results”.

One of the most significant highlights is entitled “Prospects that Pay”. When agencies were paid for presenting their ideas in a pitch, 57.8% were converted to new clients. The success rate for agencies entering a free pitch was only 27.9%. “To the best of our knowledge no other study uncovered this and it’s probably the most valuable insight for agency managers” according to Mr. Borgwardt.

There is an in-depth PowerPoint presentation covering agency participation, overall survey results, conclusions plus recommendations & considerations. These address pitch frequency and competitiveness, roles of CEOs vs. procurement, quality of briefs, learning curves and IP protection. All of that will be shared with study participants.

To view the entire presentation, any interested advertiser or agency should contact Mr. Borgwardt to arrange a date which is mutually convenient and other details.

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