UTV Launches Youth TV Channel

UTV along with Malaysia-based media company Astro Measat today announced the launch of Brand Bindass, India’s first local 360° leisure & entertainment brand for young India. It comprises of a gamut of entertainment and leisure space- bouquet of television channels, mobile, web, gaming, merchandising, retail and nationwide ground events.

To celebrate the launch of the brand, Bindass has also announced the launch of ‘Bindass Space Yatra’– A nationwide hunt for the 1st Young Indian space tourist on RocketPlane XP. The lucky winner of the hunt will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel as a passenger on board RocketPlane XP, a commercial flight into space.

“We are delighted to launch brand BINDASS with a truly once-in-a-lifetime offer for our audience. The idea of presenting the youth with a chance to travel into space is a truly Bindass thing to do and emulates our Brand in its totality of being fun, frank, fearless and valuing freedom in all its forms. BINDASS reflects an attitude that young India embodies. BINDASS aims to lend the youth a complete 360° platform for self-expression- A space where they can just hang out, chill & celebrate being young in India!” Zarina Mehta, CEO, Bindass said.

About the nationwide hunt for the space tourist, Mr. Bhaktiani, Spokesperson, Rocketplane said, “This is the first time RocketPlane has got into an alliance with an Indian brand to offer the audience a chance to fly into outer space. We are very excited about the initiative and look forward to the enthusiasm Bindass Space Yatra will evoke among young Indians. ”

Brand Bindass is laid on the foundation of a comprehensive proprietary research conducted by UTV on the Indian youth and its entertainment needs. Insights from the research have lent the brand its values – Fun, Frank, Fearless and valuing Freedom in all its forms. These four qualities are personified by Brand Bindass.

The foremost manifestation of brand Bindass will be with the launch of its Hindi General Entertainment Channel for Young India – Bindass. The channel is targeted at the age group of 15 to 34 years.

Bindass channel will introduce Shakira, India’s first female action-hero, India’s first street-magician and Lagegi, India’s first ever stand-up comedy act performed before a live audience. While Shakira is an edgy, action-thriller series in the prime slot showcasing today’s empowered woman who fights for justice, Lagegi is a spirited satire on current issues affecting young India shot only 48 hours prior to telecast so as to maintain its topicality. ‘Sun Yaar Chill Maar’, a comedy show on the life of 5 college friends is a laugh riot that strikes an instant chord with anyone who has ever attended college, is in college or will attend college. 3rd Degree is a show featuring Ugesh Sarcar -India’s first street-magician performing live acts and stunts to enthrall the audience. To add to the spice, the programming is peppered with extreme sports, action, edge-of-the-seat thrillers, horror shows, spoofs, street magic, slapstick comedy and over 100 international movies.

Speaking of the channel, Zarina Mehta said, “With Bindass, we aspire to redefine the Hindi general entertainment space. We believe its innovative content, with a mix of original programming and acquired shows, will strike an instant chord with the audience.”

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