USA Today Announces Reader Survey Results for Open Air Magazine

The results are in from a reader survey commissioned by USA Today on Open Air Magazine, an active lifestyle publication by the nation’s top-selling newspaper. The survey was conducted in April 2008 by Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo and surveyed 638 respondents about the inaugural issue of Open Air Magazine which hit newsstands on March 7, 2008.

The survey showed an overwhelming positive reaction to the magazine. 80% of respondents found Open Air to be an appealing publication. They gave high marks to Open Air for great photography, being well-written and visually friendly, covering a wide variety of activities and exposing them to new activities, experiences and adventures. In fact, the majority of respondents felt that Open Air was an adventurous magazine.

Nearly six in ten respondents said Open Air does a better job of presenting active lifestyle content than their current information source. While 60% of respondents regularly read or subscribe to an existing active lifestyle publication, 80% of respondents felt that Open Air is a new and different type of magazine.

As Open Air moves forward it will develop a loyal group of readers. Based on the results of the CMB survey three out of four USA Today readers will be very likely to read Open Air when it is included in their copy of the newspaper. Six in 10 will be more likely to purchase USA Today if they know Open Air is included. Once those copies are in hand three in four responded are likely to hold on to their copy for a while and 74% survey intend to share Open Air with friends and family.

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