US Radio Station Offers Traffic Solutions

Clarion Corporation of America (Clarion), a global leader of mobile electronics entertainment systems, is now shipping its latest Portable Navigation Device, the N.I.C.E. 430 (Navigation In-Car Entertainment), and optional NAVRDS accessory utilizing Clear Channel Radio’s Total Traffic Network service.

Clarion’s N.I.C.E. 430 and NAVRDS accessory give consumers yet another reason to use their GPS navi at all times. Even when a planned trip seems routine, upcoming traffic can ruin the driving experience. Total Traffic Network offers customers a high-quality, high-value solution for traffic flow and incidents in 80 metropolitan areas across the U.S., making them an ideal partner for Clarion.

“Clarion GPS Navi products, combined with the extensive coverage of Total Traffic Network, enable us to provide our customers continued satisfaction throughout their entire in-vehicle experience” said Adam Thomas, Vice President of Marketing for Clarion Corporation of America.

Besides traffic capability, the N.I.C.E. 430 GPS Navi device also offers true portability, easy-to-use operation, slim design, an expansive and clear 4.3″ color touch screen, built-in Bluetooth hands-free operation, an integrated SiRF III GPS receiver, and an SD card slot for picture viewing and MP3 music file playback.

Key navigation features include; maps of U.S. and Canada, 3 Million POI, 2D and 3D map views, turn-by-turn voice announcements, automatic route recalculation, dynamic volume, a cockpit mode with ETA and dynamic 3D map zoom and tilt.

Clear Channel Radio is the first broadcaster to launch a ground-breaking programming and technology service delivering real-time traffic data directly to vehicles, using its own network of reporters, traffic cameras, helicopters and airplanes — Total Traffic Network. Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network now serves more than 125 metropolitan markets in three countries, including the United States, Mexico and New Zealand.

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