Ultimate Game Card Now Available in Canada

Ultimate Game Card, the prepaid gift card accepted by more than 200 online multiplayer games, is now available in western Canada at 294 Mac’s Convenience Stores, Inc. By the holiday season, 580 of Mac’s eastern stores will also stock Ultimate Game Card. While there are many prepaid cards targeted to multiplayer games, Ultimate Game Card is the only card accepted by more than 200 games and sold in more than 18,000 major retail stores in Canada and the U.S.

Developed and supported by PayByCash, a subsidiary of PlaySpan, Inc., these pre-paid cards are available at Mac’s in a $20 denomination. They are redeemable at more than 200 online multiplayer game supported by PayByCash. Ultimate Game Card allows customers to make fast payments for online entertainment without submitting financial information.

Kevin Higgins, president of PayByCash commented, “Ultimate Game Card usage continues to grow. Retailer demand is high, allowing game publishers to accept Ultimate Game Card payments at a cost that is lower than if they distributed their own card by themselves or through a third party. It’s as instant as a credit card, accessible all across the United States and Canada, and easy to use for game players of all ages.

“With the Ultimate Game Card having such dense distribution throughout North America, single-publisher game cards are an evolutionary dead end. They don’t make sense for publishers and certainly make things harder for those buying gifts for gamers. With an industry-wide card, givers don’t have to worry about which game their favorite gamer will be playing in a month or two. With the Ultimate Game Card, gift givers can be confident their gift will be a great one.”

Higgins continued, “With the help of our distributor, InComm, our Canadian customers now have access to the fasted growing game card in North America. Canadian gamers can now pay for their online games in the time it takes to run to the convenience store.”

PayByCash has empowered non-credit card customers and the Internet businesses that want to reach them since 1998. PayByCash, now protected by PaxGuard, offers more than 70 payment methods with a global reach. Most payment methods are not reversible. One straightforward integration gives merchants all the PayByCash payment options, including Ultimate Game Card, the game industry’s best known pre-paid card. PayByCash handles all foreign currency acceptance and alternate payment option customer support.

PlaySpan is game industry’s first publisher-sponsored in-game commerce network. PlaySpan’s patent-pending in-game search, commerce and micropayment technologies enable game publishers and developers to generate new revenues, acquire new users and extend the loyalty of existing users. Leading game providers and virtual world publishers have selected PlaySpan as their official marketplace for virtual goods commerce.

PlaySpan is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Charlottesville, VA, Cincinnati, OH and Mumbai, India. Investors include Easton Capital, Menlo Ventures, STIC and Novel TMT Ventures.

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