Ujjwal Nikam appears on Red FM’s ‘Kursi par Sawaal’

Mumbai : RED FM, the station for expression, played host to Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam on Kursi par Sawaal, a new segment on the popular breakfast show Morning No.1 (Mon-Fri 7-11am) hosted by RJ Malishka. Kursi par Sawaal is a weekly segment that empowers Mumbaikars by giving them a platform to question government and civic authorities about issues that affect their lives.

The segment which airs on Thursdays has officials and public figures visiting the Red FM studio in Lower Parel to answer questions that Mumbaikers pose to them. To encourage listeners to participate, Red FM runs promos from Monday to Wednesday inviting Mumbaikers to SMS their queries to 58558 or to call up on the studio lines to record their questions. The most pertinent of these questions are then put before the invitees by RJ Malishka.

This week, the man of the moment, Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam was in the Red FM Studios. The studio lines were flooded by calls from Mumbaikers who had tough questions for Mr Nigam. During the course of his hour long interview, Mr Nikam rubbished media reports about the 45 crore expense incurred in housing Ajmal Kasab. He also assured all Mumbaikers that they would not have to wait till 2018 to see justice delivered in this case. Segments from the interview will be aired on Red FM during the week. Listeners of Red FM residing outside Mumbai can listen to the interview on Sunday, 27th February 2011, between 8pm-10pm.

Commenting on this initiative Nisha Narayanan, Senior VP-Projects and Programming, RED FM said, “Radio is an interactive medium that has vast potential to empower listeners. At Red FM, our programming and marketing initiatives reflect the concerns and interests of citizens. With this initiative we are encouraging dialogue between citizens and government bodies and so far the response from both has been phenomenal. Since its inception BMC Commissioner, Mumbai’s Additional Commissioner of Traffic, Regional Passport Officer amongst others have visited the studios and answered grievances. And there is no one better than RJ Malishka, who has that unique blend of sincerity and playfulness.”

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