Uday Parkar launches 'The Multiply Diary'

Mumbai: As the year comes to an end and people start looking for newer ways to start afresh, Uday Parkar, an advertising veteran with 20 years of rich experience with prestigious brands, launched ‘The Multiply Diary’. The diary that marks the beginning of a new year, explores the idea of staged photography on a larger than life canvas by depicting children’s sentiments to various causes.

The Multiply Diary is the brainchild of Uday, who is a leading creative force with over 125 awards and part of an honorary faculty with leading management institutes for over23years. Along with his wife and partner Urjita, he created Breathing Space, his own creative hot shop started in 2008 that symbolizes a breath of fresh air and ‘We Brun’, a design studio which was started by Parkar in year 2010.

“It’s a dream project for ‘WE BRUN’ since nobody has staged photography on a larger-than-life canvas like this. Moreover, it’s not just a diary. It’s life captured in images and words. That’s why it multiplies joys as you turn page after page”, says Uday. He adds, ” It’s a work that covers many aspects of today’s life and times. Global warming, Racism, female feticide and expressed naturally and spontaneously through the eternal symbol of innocence: A child”.

“The Multiply Diary is the best of both worlds – Imaginary and real. It’s an idea that’s been brought to life, beautifully. We came up with a diary that would explore and explode photography to the maximum. In times of Chinese ready made CDs, fast downloading culture, little photography budget, the Multiply Diary is hope for all those who still believe in the power of Idea Photography. At the same time we wanted the diary to be candid, personal and having challenging theme that would multiply the passions and linger in the consumer minds for a long, long time”.

The biggest challenge however was to shoot with so many kids. The entire shoot spanned 15 batches and various locations of Maharashtra and took a year to complete. Taking a cue from the fact that ‘Creation is an endless journey’, the diary carries no dates. This executive diary is the first of its kind that aims at bringing some smiles to the stressed out faces in offices.

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