U.S. News Media Group Launches U.S. News Weekly

U.S. News Media Group today announced the expansion of its media properties to include U.S. News Weekly, a digital magazine that includes hard news reporting, insightful analysis, unique features and cutting-edge commentary.

U.S. News Weekly represents the latest in a suite of content offerings from U.S. News Media Group. Blogs, articles, and lively forums at usnews.com keep visitors informed about breaking news, while the single-topic U.S. News & World Report monthly print publication provides readers with deeper insight into one topic each month. As a downloadable subscription-only product, U.S. News Weekly quickly delivers the news analysis, in-depth reports, and perspectives that have been the hallmarks of U.S. News for more than 75 years.

While maintaining the look of a traditional print magazine, with a cover image and table of contents, U.S. News Weekly’s digital format enhances the reading experience with increased navigation and browsing abilities. With its multimedia content, including embedded videos and podcasts, U.S. News Weekly helps readers access the news in whole new way, allowing them to receive fresh analysis from a reporter’s podcast, or watch a video from a newsmaker.

“We’re excited to introduce U.S. News Weekly,” said Brian Kelly, editor of U.S. News. “There’s still a great need for extensive, credible reporting and analysis, particularly in covering national and world news. By combining brand-new editorial content with multimedia components, our digital product is just one more way we can produce the stories our readers want, delivered and tailored the way they want it.”

U.S. News Weekly, a premium paid product selling for $24.95 a year, will be available to subscribers every Friday at USNews.com. U.S. News’s awarding-winning team of reporters provide a window into the inner workings of Congress, the White House, the Administration, the Supreme Court, campaigns and elections, and K Street to help readers make sense of pressing topics, including politics, the economy, energy, the environment, defense, foreign policy, health, and education.

With an extensive contact list of Washington insiders, Kenneth T. Walsh, one of the longest-serving reporters ever to cover the presidency, offers both historical and contemporary perspectives on life inside the West Wing.

A behind the scenes look at the secret pleasures of presidents, congressmen, cabinet secretaries, and other political chieftains. Paul Bedard reveals the tricks of the trade of everyone from key lobbyists, White House chefs, and congressional doorkeepers to bureaucrats, fat cats, and White House cats.

From Editor-in-Chief Mort Zuckerman’s essays on national news, the economy, and foreign policy to the dean of American politics Michael Barone’s columns on campaigns, elections, and current events, U.S. News Weekly dishes up wit and wisdom from some of the nation’s finest and most experienced pundits and commentators.

Rotating features include profiles of leading newsmakers; Pro/Con exchanges on hot-button issues with guest columnists; Q&As with Washington’s power brokers; multimedia content, interactive polls, and quizzes; and photo essays and videos on major news events.

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