U.S. News Media Group Expands Opinion Section on USNews.com

U.S. News Media Group, in further extending its online offerings and commitment to news analysis and service journalism has unveiled an expanded Opinion section . The overhauled Opinion section presents viewpoints covering the ideological spectrum, including new blogs, a daily array of op-ed columns, and interactive features for readers.

Anchoring the revamped Opinion page is the Thomas Jefferson Street blog, which features provocative, entertaining, and insightful commentary and analysis on politics, foreign affairs and other topics.

In addition, the expanded op-ed section, updated daily, will feature columns from U.S. News’s regular lineup of high-profile writers such as Mort Zuckerman, Gloria Borger, and Barone, as well as contributions from other experts in a variety of fields, already including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and former National Security Council official Richard Clarke.

Other new regular op-ed features include “Two Takes” — opposing opinions on a relevant topic — and “Past & Present,” a weekly column grounding current events in historical context or marking important anniversaries. U.S. News will also soon unveil its new Board of Contributors, a select group of influential leaders in news, politics, national security, business, education, and other fields who will regularly provide their views on important topics in the news.

The Opinion section also highlights “Quick Hits,” a collection of brief, informative, and interactive opportunities for readers, including: “Public Opinion,” a daily question posed to readers; “Blog Buzz,” a round up of the day’s most popular blog topics; “Five Things,” a list of five interesting facts or takes; “Data Points,” a collection of data on a topical issue; as well as cartoons and quotes about current events and featured reader comments. In coming weeks, other features will be added, including a regular Opinion podcast.

“As USNews.com continues to expand, we are constantly looking for new ways to engage our readers,” said Brian Kelly, editor of U.S. News & World Report. “With interactive elements and a wealth of new content, the Opinion section will provide our readers with insider perspectives, as well as an opportunity to debate important issues in the news.”

Schlesinger, who oversees all online and print editorial content for the Opinion section and contributes daily blog postings to USNews.com, has spearheaded the expansion of the Opinion section.

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