U.S. News Media Announces Guest Columnists

U.S. News Media Group, one of the nation’s leading sources of service journalism and news analysis, today unveiled Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama’s guest columns on its “Two Takes” opinion section. “Two Takes” offers opinions on relevant topics, sometimes in pro and con debate style, and is part of U.S. News Media Group’s recently revamped op-ed section.

In these special columns, Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama tell America what issues are most important to them, and what they will do to address these issues while in the White House. Cindy McCain’s focus will be to expand humanitarian opportunities for Americans. She discusses the importance of volunteering, and announces that she will host a White House Volunteerism Summit to “reinvigorate the spirit of service.” Michelle Obama desires to help working women and families, particularly military families. Mrs. Obama writes that she will ensure that the stories of working women and military families are understood and addressed in Washington.

The U.S. News Media Group is a multi-platform digital publisher of news and analysis, which includes U.S. News & World Report magazine . Focusing on Health, Money & Business, Education, and Public Service/Opinion, the U.S. News Media Group has earned a reputation as the leading provider of service news and information that improves the quality of life of its readers. The U.S. News Media Group’s signature franchises include its News You Can Use(R) brand of journalism and its “America’s Best” series of consumer guides that include rankings of colleges, graduate schools, hospitals, health plans, and more.

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