TV Channels Earn Rs Rs. 20.6 billion Ad Revenue during Gujarat Elections

Rs. 20.6 billion were spent on television advertising during Gujrat assembly elections . An Esha Broadcast Monitoring report said.

Esha Broadcast Monitoring has studied the pre-campaigning period of 16th October 2007 to 16th November 2007 of Gujarat Elections on television. Esha has compiled the Television Monitoring Intelligence Report on Gujarat Elections after 24×7 tracking and monitoring of the television coverage on 110 television channels. The monitoring focused on the distribution of airtime for candidates and analysis of airtime taken up by the exposure to the political messages.

Esha Broadcast conducted the reach of the two prominent political parties in the Gujarat elections – BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) and Congress. The reach of was calculated based on monitoring television channels. The research includes parameters such as the leaders campaigning and the prominent issues that were raised. The election campaign in a television space and diverse coverage was the topic of a media monitoring report.

Television Monitoring Intelligence Report highlights the brand visibility on the numerous television networks. The parameters used for monitoring are prime time vs. non prime time, coverage on 110 television channels and date wise reporting of coverage. The outline of the report would include flexible number of keywords and easy-to-understand graphs to get a better overview of the brand visibility on television.

Esha Broadcast Monitoring Private Ltd. is India’s premier full-integrated broadcast news monitoring and tracking agency. Esha is tracking more than 110 channels beamed into India with providing customized solutions. The product and services supplement and are an invaluable tool for those involved in corporate communications, public affairs, public relations and media relations. Esha customises news reports that provide clients timely information to drive their decision-making process.

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