Turner Unveils TVinContext, Groundbreaking Ad System

Turner Entertainment Networks (home of TNT, TBS and truTV ) has announced a groundbreaking ad system and has presented a bigger-than-ever programming lineup at a presentation for advertisers today in New York. Turner, which for the first time staged its Upfront event during the same week as broadcasters, also revealed a new advertising innovation called TVinContext.

The system promises to boost the power of TV ads by pairing them with related program content. The introduction of TVinContext is part of Turner’s best-in-class focus on creating new products and services. It arrives as the company’s cable networks continue to grow as alternatives to traditional broadcasters. “The combined strength of Turner’s portfolio of networks makes our company unique in television,” said Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks. “We are rivals to broadcasters in every way. Our solid brands reach huge audiences and offer quality programs. Our focus on valuable, new offerings like TVinContext also shows that Turner is staying ahead of the game.”

David Levy, president of Turner Broadcasting Sales and Turner Sports, said the company’s entertainment networks provide must-have opportunities for advertisers. “At Turner Entertainment Networks, we have solid brands, wide reach, dynamic programming and innovative promotions,” Levy said. “Our strong, branded entertainment portfolio presents an excellent opportunity for advertisers, with expansive reach and ratings, as well as diverse audiences.”

Turner used its Upfront presentation to reveal TVinContext, which has been in development for more than a year. TVinContext promises to be the first large-scale system that combines the precise placement possible in digital advertising with the world of television. The initiative includes the examination and cataloging of thousands of scenes from Turner’s vast library of films and TV series, plus the custom matching of advertising content to place spots adjacent to relevant scenes.

If a movie features a scene about marriage, Turner will be able to place an ad in the next commercial break for a related product, such as wedding rings. A movie scene in a café could be followed by an ad for coffee. For advertisers, the benefit is that when ads are shown in this kind of context, spots are likely to be more effective. Turner’s extensive research – coupled with findings from ad agencies, clients and others – points to the value of what is known as contextual advertising.

“TVinContext allows Turner to deliver a new, custom solution for advertisers to better engage and creatively thread their message to consumers,” said Linda Yaccarino, executive vice president and general manager of Turner Entertainment Ad Sales and Marketing. “Turner is using its great resources to offer clients a service that is valuable and more unique than anything else in the marketplace. TVinContext is an ideal way for advertisers to maximize their return on investment.” TVinContext initially will be available to a small number of clients, with the first placements in the fall.

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