TTL's 'Jaago Re' campaign declares war against corruption

Mumbai :The Jaago Re campaign was recrafted to create widespread awareness on the issue of corruption. Aaj Se Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru transends well beyond just creating an awareness and has been presented as a platform where every Indian citizen can be ‘the change he wants to see’ by taking a pledge not to aid and abet corruption. The idea of the awakening is that in every situation of corruption the greater onus lies on ‘Jo Khilata Hai’ the person giving the bribe rather than the one taking it.

Aaj se Khilana Bandh Pilana Shuru will empower every ordinary Indian citizen to believe he can get his work done without having to pay a bribe.

Tata Tea launched an integrated media campaign – “Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru” in August this year, with a promise to come back on Anti-Corruption Day and take the campaign to the next level. In concurrence with that promise, Tata Tea launched a Corruption Index, a 3-city study to bring out the perceptions of citizens, across socio-economic classes, about corruption and its impact on the social and economic fibre of society in the nation.

On the occasion of the Anti-Corruption Day, Tata Tea relaunched its website was synonymous with voting applications since its launch last year. The relaunched will be a portal which facilitates the flow of information and resources between individuals / groups / organizations. It aims to bring together, onto a common platform, those who possess info and resources and those who need them – it is thus envisaged as a portal for people & NGOs, by people & NGOs.

In keeping with the thought of the Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru campaign – i.e. if individuals stop paying bribes, they can help check and reverse corruption – Tata Tea has been urging citizens to take a pledge to stop bribing. Over the last 3 months it has collected over 3.1L pledges through various routes – internet, mobile, retail and even schools. In continuation with the campaign objective of awakening citizens to become the change they want to see, it launched the Tata Tea Jaago Re Vrath Yatra – a 38-day bus journey across the country to connect with the youth and urge them to pledge against corruption. The Vrath Yatra, which has been designed in association with Radio Mirchi and Fever, was flagged off by Justice Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta, Karnataka State and Ms. Sangeeta Talwar, Executive Director, Tata Tea.

The Vrath Yatra, which starts on December 9th, International Anti-Corruption Day, will travel from Bangalore to Kolkata via Mumbai and Delhi, touching a total of 12 cities on the way, there by covering a significant cross section of the country.

Flagging off the Yatra, Shri N Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta Justice, Karnataka State said, “Eradication of any social evil can happen successfully only when every member of the society works towards it. Corruption is a systemic issue in our country and the only way to uproot this menace is by working towards change from the grass roots. Highlighting this issue to youth and getting them to understand the importance of tackling the issue is a wonderful way of starting to address the problem. I wish this Yatra a grand success and wish it achieves its objective of reaching out to youth and getting them to pledge against corruption.”

Speaking about the campaign, Sangeeta Talwar, Executive Director, Tata Tea Limited, said, “In 2009, Tata Tea migrated the Jaago Re campaign from voting to address what is the single largest malaise hampering the future of our nation – Corruption. “Har subah sirf utho mat but Jaago Re” to the change you want to see – stop aiding and abetting corruption. It has the power to pin us down and root us to where we are, severely hampering entrepreneurial activity, denying economic opportunity and limiting prosperity.

The Vrath Yatra and the internet site will connect with the hearts, minds and souls of young India’s emerging social consciousness and hopefully make a huge difference.”

The branded bus, which will be the central factor of the Yatra, will interact with the youth in every city, understand their perspectives on the issue of corruption and impress upon them the need for their involvement – all in a fun and relaxed manner that they would associate and respond to.

Fever 104 FM has partnered for the Tata Tea Vrath Yatra to help maximize Tata Tea’s campaign reach and provide touch-points to the ordinary citizen. In every station of Fever, the RJ’s will lead the march by themselves fasting against corruption and encouraging their listeners to join the fasting morcha.

The other radio partner is Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM where the central creative idea is “Khilathe Khilathe desh ko indigestion ho gaya hai – is liye Aaj Se Khilana Bandh Pilana Shuru”. And therefore citizens need to take a fast – a Vrat – against corruption.

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