Tripmela Claims 1 Lac Newsletter Subscribers

Travel deals website has claimed that its email newsletter subscriber base has touched 1 lakh mark every week.

“We are extremely pleased that we can help so many people find great travel deals in India with little effort,” said Jared Blank, CEO of Tripmela, Inc. “Every day we receive emails from people letting us know that Tripmela has helped them save money on a trip they are planning.or even better, gave them an idea for a trip they hadn’t thought of!”

Tripmela benefits India’s travelers because they no longer have to search through offers geared to Americans and Europeans. Tripmela’s travel partners benefit because they can put their deals in front of a large number consumers who are looking for great travel opportunities and Tripmela benefits brand advertisers because they can sponsor the 10 Best Deals newsletter to reach Tripmela’s young audience with disposable income and Credit Cards.

Blank also added, “The success of the 10 Best Travel Deals newsletter shows that in this era of increasing airfares, consumers are still looking for travel bargains. Even with higher airfares, we find incredible deals each week for trips within India and to international destinations that people used to think were too expensive to visit.”

The amazing growth in subscribers since Tripmela re-launched its website in February 2008 is also due to the popularity of the Searchmela Megasearch tool , which allows consumers to compare airfares from their favorite online travel agencies. Thousands of consumers have already used Searchmela to save money on their next flight.

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