Tribal DDB Shanghai announces Clean Clear Deep Action Cleanser study

The Challenge : Clean and Clear’s (C&C) Deep Action Cleanser line has a new oil-absorbing rice protein technology that keeps skin oil- and shine-free for hours. C&C wanted to position their Deep Action Cleanser product as the “oil control expert for young skin”. They also wanted to retain their current users and convert users of competitor products.
The Insight

Being a teenager brings with it lots of exciting possibilities but also complexity and uncertainties at the same time. Life as a teen is full of change and new experiences. Teens want advice, but they don’t want to be preached to. They want tips from people like themselves – people who know them and people who have been there.

For teenagers, music is a primary means of communication. We understood that amongst all forms of media content, music stands out for teenagers. They’re prolific downloaders of music and consumers of music videos. Why not combine our two insights to create an effective message?

Idea and Execution : C&C’s Deep Action Cleanser rice protein technology helps girls easily combat oily skin, giving them confidence and revealing their natural beauty within. To demonstrate this to our key audience of 12 to 18-year-old girls, we had to target the area where they would be most likely to visit and craft a message they would be sure to listen to. We created a minisite on QQ, the most popular social networking site in China for that age group, and we did it through the one medium they would be sure to listen to – music.

We themed our minisite around “Natural Shine with the Power of Rice”, and starred a music video by Chinese singer-songwriter Zhang Xuan Yuan, who wrote and composed a song whose lyrics promoted the power of rice protein at clearing up oily skin. Visitors to the site were invited to share their worries about their skin in a lyrical format, which was paired with background music, and to submit a photo of themselves. Users were encouraged to share and pass on the music video to their friends, and those who shared the site the most would have a chance to win an iPad. By combining popular music with the power of rice protein, we really got the attention of teenage girls.

The Results : The results from the campaign were phenomenal: total sales uplift for the product grew from -10% to +9% in absolute volume within the campaign period of two months.

Not only that, but the minisite and music video generated massive buzz and attracted positive sentiments and feedback for the Deep Action Cleanser product. More than 600,000 visitors viewed the minisite, which achieved more than 2 million page views, and 77% of visitors returned to view the site. More than 300,000 visitors shared the music video with their friends, and more than 600,000 viewers watched the music video.

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