Tribal DDB Beijing launches new interactive campaign for Volkswagen

Shanghai: Tribal DDB Beijing has just launched the ‘Blue Mobility Mobile App and Website’, a new interactive campaign, aiming to raise the awareness of Volkswagen’s commitment in eco-friendly product and solutions in China. The campaign targeting car drivers was a first for Volkswagen who had never implemented mobile App to track driving behaviors in China before. The campaign is promoted amongst Volkswagen owned media channels such as their official website, Kaixin and RenRen SNS page and People’s Car Project campaign site.

“Think Blue.” embodies Volkswagen’s goal of creating environmentally friendly products and solutions, encouraging more eco-conscious behavior and contributing to a sustainable future – all this is an entertaining way. The challenge for Tribal DDB Beijing was to truly engage the target audience to Think Blue and raise the awareness of it.

Tribal DDB Beijing, in collaboration with T+D (Trommsdorff + Druner) have developed an in-car mobile app to track driving behavior in real-time, which can track on the driving distance, speed, or even acceleration / deceleration during the trip. Result of each ride is then analyzed against an Eco-Score to measure how “Think Blue.” the driver is. All results and detailed analysis are made available on the following website:

Apart from supporting the mobile app on result & analysis, the website also engages users by a “Save Polar Bear” mini-game, Think Blue. Tips are embedded within to educate the users in an entertaining way. All results can be shared to SNS to create organic traffic.

“By innovatively linking the ‘Think Blue’ spirit with a mobile App which aim to improve driving behavior of drivers, we showed that this was not just an advertising message but a real commitment from the brand and a real action from the customers. The campaign is another smart example of what we call ‘social creativity’ – it gained momentum by giving consumers a concept they wanted to play with and participate in,” said Richard Tan, President DDB Guoan.

“Volkwagen’s overall objective was to emotionally hook consumers to the brand and help to achieve their very own target of saving money. We achieved this by the ice bear who is present in the app – surfing on the ice flow – and on the website. Consumers can save money by tracking their daily results on the website and seamless compete with their pals via Kaixin, RenRen and Weibo.

With this approach Volkswagen puts the consumer needs on number one. We hope that this mix of entertainment and personal advantage will truly engage people to ‘Think Blue.’ and have more eco-conscious behavior”, said Oliver Wolter, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Volkswagen China.

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