Travelmasti launches Wedding portal

Travelmasti has announced the launch of a new website catering to the wedding solutions for those who are eager to wed in India. Travelmasti’s wedding team has put together information on weddings in India, such as themes, destinations, itineraries, wedding venues etc. Theme or destination weddings in India require lot of planning, preparation and execution which is easier said than done.

On the occasion CEO, Saghan Aggarwal commented ” Travelmasti’s wedding portal aim to provide the client every detail on weddings in India and the team is physically involved in providing wedding solutions, at the doorsteps.”

Saghan Aggarwal said that Travelmasti Wedding Planners have been delivering fruitful results, making dreams of many come true. Starting from choosing the destination, our team of wedding specialists recommend and suggest the right wedding venue, the hotel accommodation, theme ceremonies, what to wear, where to shop and so on.

“We ensure that the host as well as their guests experience the authentic Indian wedding clubbed with traditional rituals, music and cuisine. We help the clients in identifying their actual requirements and accordingly draft a wedding plan including travel logistics,” Saghan Aggarwal said.

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