TravelMartIndia launches Group Buying Travel, Leisure and Vacation Portal

TravelMartIndia, the country’s leading travel web portal announced today that it has launched India’s first group buying portal for travel, leisure and vacation destinations.

Pioneered in the US, the concept of group buying has already seen enormous success the world over. When companies can sell in bulk, they can offer deep discounts to consumers.’s platform has been developed and will be run by ‘EL Media’, a UK-based technology company that has perfected the group-buying model across the globe! Their platform is in operation in South Africa, Israel, Kenya, Russia and now in India.

‘’ is in talks with various travel, leisure and hospitality companies, to join hands with them, in offering special deals that will be marketed by There is already a very positive response among the airline industry, hotels, spas, etc, and the first set of deals have already been launched.

“On the offer, will be a range of special packages from weekend getaways to hill-stations to long national and international vacations, and from adventure packages to rest, relaxation and wellness packages”, said Manoj Gursahani, Chairman, TravelMartIndia Pvt. Ltd. Speaking about the group buying business model.

CEO of the Company, Hari Swaminathan added, “Every day, will send out a newsletter for new deals. Members will have about a week to purchase their vouchers, and the validity of the deals will be for several months, at least. Consumers get all the price benefits of buying as a group, but retain the flexibility of traveling at their convenience anytime within the validity period.”

From a hospitality vendor’s perspective, Ms. Moiz Mumtaz, Head of Club Med, General Manager, India stated, “Being in the hospitality industry, I already know the statistics for group buying are very impressive overseas. And, during off-season times, even obscene discounts would help the travel and leisure industry meet costs. So, I think the group-buying system offers a good deal for everyone concerned.”

“I for one, am very excited about the Vamoose model”, she added.

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