Topps India launches Cricket Attax2 campaign

Topps India Sports & Entertainment Company has launched Cricket Attax 2 Campaign .Topps had earlier launched Cricket Attax trading cards on Season IV of IPL. Since then, the players on the cards have been compared, collected and exchanged at friendly auctions. Everybody who has an opinion on the game already have a mental shortlist of the players who they feel are right for the right positions.

It’s time for us to celebrate the dream teams and the competitive spirit that exists in contemporary India by starting our own national championship. This mega event is starting off in nine IPL playing cities from 12 April. It’s also time for us to celebrate the bigness of the 45- day event itself and all the heroes it throws up.

The advertising campaign for Cricket Attax 2012 is a tribute to the game and the gamer. It starts off with a montage of shots from a large city like Mumbai where we see different kids in the age-group of 10-12 carrying giant-sized cards with their favourite star on it. It’s not obvious where the kids are going or why they are carrying their heroes. The music track is ethnic and festive, reminding the viewer about not sports but a large cultural celebration.

In the next few seconds, the viewer realises that the entire city is converging towards a cricket ground in the middle of the city. It’s a big game today, and we see two kids leading two teams in an intense game of Cricket Attax. Their friends and supporters stand behind with giant cards of the players. The stage is set for a classic battle with all eyes on the mats laid out before them on the cricket field.

Kid 1 reveals his ace card. It is the famous Sri Lankan bowler, Malinga. But Kid’s 1 happiness is cut short by Kid 2 who reveals his trump card: the new star among T20 batsmen, Virat Kohli.

Kid 2 wins by interestingly revealing the larger-than-life Virat Kohli. The commercial ends by showing both kids back together as friends after the game and them reminding the viewer in chorus: “IPL is not just to be watched, it’s to be played.”

For the first time in the region, one game will inspire playing of another. The Cricket Attax trading card game will not have customers, it will have fans vying for the star players and using them the way they feel fit.

Creative : ‘Hum IPL dekhte hi Nahin Khelte bhi hai boss’


•Creative – Kaushik Mitra, Creative Director of Tailor Made Ideas
•Business –Country Head – Sanjeev Katyal, Sr. Manager Marketing & Sales – Mukesh Jagwani
•Producer – Yogesh Sahu – Framework Production
Assistant Producer – Rahul Chowdhry, Fram

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