Top digital strategists to Participate in 'Beyond the Printed Word 2008'

This year’s IFRA conference Beyond the Printed Word on 20 and 21 November in Budapest is all about business . About cashing in on digital services. About extending reach and making advertising more successful. It shows you how to make the most of the digital opportunities within your business.

“Beyond the Printed Word attracts the ’crème de la crème,’ every year as digital media executives from all over the world converge to discuss and dissect the business challenges and opportunities of online and mobile publishing,” said IFRA CEO Reiner Mittelbach. “Now more than ever, publishers realise that their digital services will serve as the springboard for future growth, in both readership and revenue. Today the world is full of brilliant ideas of how to monetise them. However, local adaptation and implementation are lagging behind. Beyond the Printed Word will indeed go a long way to help demystify those critical factors for future success in publishing.”

The conference leaders are experts at the forefront of digital media strategy: Jennifer Carroll, Vice President New Media Content, Gannett Digital, USA and Theo Blanco, senior sales and marketing director, Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden.

Carroll leverages Gannett’s vast network of text, audio, video and social media in developing digital strategy, audience and content initiatives. Her work ranges from building digital communities through social networking to innovative dimensions in reaching new audiences.

Carroll serves on the board of iFOCOS, the Institute for the Connected Society and co-chairs the Audience Development Committee of Newspaper Association of America and the Innovation Committee of the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

She was named “Gannett’s Corporate Staffer of the Year” in 2006, and was a co-winner of the “Chairman’s Special Achievement Award” in 2007.

After 12 years as a successful sales and advertising director, sales and media trainer within the radio/TV industry in both the Scandinavian and Baltic markets, for the NRJ Radio Group, the Bonnier Group, SBS group, and Modern Times Group, Theo Blanco crossed over in June 2005 to the newspaper industry as sales and advertising director for the NT Media Group in Norrköping, Sweden.

Blanco’s mission was to create and develop Sweden’s best cross-media sales organisation. In 2006, NT sales team gained the title of “Sweden’s Newspaper Industry’s Best Sales Organisation” for their intense efforts of raising the sales organisations competency levels within cross-media sales while still gaining substantial revenues gains for the group.

Since January 2008, he has taken on a new challenge with the UNT group as the senior sales and marketing director. Blanco is sure that his philosophy that combines “new pro-customer policy, more advertiser friendly, hyper-local sales strategy, digital dominance and complete transparency” will always win in the long term.

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