TLC launches new show Go Asia with Anita Kapoor

From Manila to Mumbai to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, join Anita Kapoor, host of TLC’s new series Go Asia with Anita Kapoor as she dives into the myriad lifestyles that are loudly defining new Asia. Go Asia with Anita Kapoor premieres on TLC every Friday at 9:00PM from November 9, 2012.

Anita Kapoor is on a mission to experience “new Asia” as only TLC can show you. In Go Asia with Anita Kapoor, she leaves no stone unturned as she explores Asia’s changing lifestyles shaped by the new-found prosperity in our own backyards. Crucial to supporting her in her quest are local agent provocateurs from a diverse range of backgrounds. These pioneers of new Asia have a finger on the pulse of the city and provide their insider knowledge that leads Anita to discover hidden local pleasures not usually experienced by the regular tourists.

The first stop on Anita’s journey is Delhi, India, where she discovers how the Dilliwallahs combine ancient culture with their 21st century lifestyles. From historic sites in Neemrana to the hottest fashions and hippest in fine dining, Delhi has it all.

Anita also visits India’s commercial capital, Mumbai and gets a taste of the vibrant nightlife with one of Mumbai’s uber blogger and socialite. Staying in the same former hotel suite as Barack Obama’s state visit, she wakes early to bike ride around some of the awe-inspiring colonial architecture, picks up Mumbai style tips and even cuts a track in a recording studio!

In Malaysia, Anita experiences the multicultural metropolis of Kuala Lumpur and finds out what Southeast Asia’s biggest melting pot is all about. She gets introduced to a spirituality known as “Oneness”, visits the iconic Batu Caves, and discovers a local fashion designer’s passion for all things shoes. She also escapes the city to visit Malacca where she gets a taste of Peranakan culture with a local cross-dressing celebrity.

Next stop – Bangkok, where Anita witnesses the rapidly evolving yet unique Thai culture. She gets a crash course in opera singing, stays aboard a luxurious century-old barge, and continues her journey to Hua Hin for a weekend getaway at the Six Senses spa where she goes on a tranquil boat ride to explore the mangroves, has a special Thai massage and then gets wild at a Muay Thai class.

On the final leg of her travels, Anita reaches Manila to discover a city full of Spanish and Chinese influenced local performers, who continue to keep their vibrant and fun-loving culture alive – and impart some of it to her by getting her to perform the pasodoble in front of a live audience of famous local dance enthusiasts! She gets a personal guided tour and unique history lesson from a local actor, has a ball at a themed party, gets a glimpse of Manila’s epic mall culture, and learns how to prepare a Filipino-fusion organic meal.

A whole new art and style of living beckons. What are you waiting for? Go Asia with Anita Kapoor! only on TLC.

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