TLC launches new cookery show Food Fighters

NUP_155739_0103.JPGTLC presents an epic battle between home cooks and professional chefs in anew series Food Fighters. Hosted by renowned foodie and TLC host Adam Richman, the series is part cooking competition and part game-show.

Food Fighters will premiere on TLC on 9 April 2015 and will air every Thursday at 9 pm, only on TLC.

In this fight for culinary supremacy, Adam Richman will give home-grown amateur cooks the chance to test their skills against professional chefs. Every home cook has that one ‘signature dish’ or ‘secret family recipe’ that always gains favour with friends and family and this will be their secret weapon in their fight against trained chefs.

The professional chefs will try to cook the amateur’s speciality dish even better than them, in the quest to prove that they’re better. The dishes will be judged by a dinner party made up of the American public. With each savoured victory, the cash prize gets bigger and bigger as the home cooks try to rise to every challenge and outcook the professional chefs.

Food Fighters is the competition that proves it’s not about the size of your kitchen, it’s how you use it.

The fight for the crown will make or break the dreams of these cooks. Will they be able to beat the professional chefs to clinch victory? Find out on Food Fighters, only on TLC!


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