Titan To Create World's Most Ambitious Digital Out-of-Home Offering

By the end of 2008, brand new breeds of digital signs will start to change the way brands advertise to consumers and how consumers respond to advertising in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. Starting in the key U.S. markets and London (with Ireland and Canada to follow soon) Titan Worldwide will rollout digital signs across its bus, rail and subway portfolio.

With a $90 million investment in digital signage over the next 36 months added to their existing static inventory, Titan’s ambition is to have one of the most seen, flexible and relevant advertising networks in the world.

Titan’s digital rollout is predominantly based around transit hubs that benefit from big dwell times and large, captive business audiences making Titan’s media perfect for digital expansion. The company is in the process of testing all their new digital products across their markets.

“We have already made significant commitment to digital technology and our transit partners and advertisers have been very enthusiastic about our plans,” said Donald Allman, President, Titan Worldwide. “It is also exciting to offer advertisers the opportunity to reach consumers in ways they never thought they could.”

“Our digital initiative offers numerous additional benefits to transit agencies and the commuters they serve — including modernized and more visually appealing advertising and entertainment displays; at the same time providing timely information to ease commuting and improve public safety during crisis situations,” said Mr. Allman.

Titan has been aggressively pursuing and planning digital options in the U.S. for almost two years. At the start of 2007 the company appointed Lou Giacalone, Jr., a pioneer in the digital segment of the out-of-home industry, to head a new digital media team within Titan. As the Co-founder of Adspace Networks and inventor of CoolSign — a premiere digital signage software package — Mr. Giacalone led the deployment of multiple digital advertising platforms.

“Digital advertising has gained a significant foothold overseas with installations throughout Asia and Europe,” said Venecia Liu, Research Director, Media and Communications, Gartner, Inc. “As the U.S. begins to embrace non-traditional platforms and better understand how to effectively use various digital media technology, we as an industry will continue to see ad dollars shifted to alternative media solutions.”

In April, Titan announced that it had been awarded a 10-year contract to sell digital advertising for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and will begin selling inventory later this month.

“Titan’s digital signage network will impact pretty much everybody who lives or works in each of our markets,” said Mr. Giacalone. Titan Worldwide is a full service, global media company specializing in Out-of-Home advertising. It is the biggest Transit advertising company in the world.

Titan Worldwide provides sales, marketing, creative, research and maintenance of advertising on bus, rail, bulletins, roadside billboards, telephone kiosks, experiential opportunities, street banners, shopping malls, supermarkets and trestles. It also leads the way in the development and successful introduction of market leading digital platforms. Titan Worldwide furnishes global, national and local clients with creative media solutions in the world’s top markets including the United States (New York, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle and Minneapolis/St. Paul, Canada, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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