TimesJobs.com pays Tribute to the HR Managers ,launches 2012 Calendar

New Delhi : The TimesJobs.com has announced the launch of 2012 year Calendar . The TimesJobs.com 2012 Calendar celebrates these Famous-Talent Spotters as a Tribute to the HR Managers, who identify, hone and promote talent within their organisations as part of their jobs everyday.

Speaking about talent spotting Dr Pallab Bandyopadhyay, Director-HR, Citrix Systems explains “The ability to see the future potential in current employees from current level of performance coupled with effective job behavior is extremely important to us. We use structured performance management, annual reviews & succession plans. We have a reward system like a spot bonus in place to support those who file patents or help in innovation.”

“Early talent identification has a two pronged advantage – For an employee, its a process through which he sees a long term career for himself in the organisation and appreciates the organisation investing time and effort to help him excel in his career.” added Yunus Petiwala, Vice President – Corporate HR, Piramal Healthcare. “The organisation also reaps the benefit of this process. Especially when there is a talent crunch, a talent pipeline provides ready talent that is utilised when the organisation grows.”

Added Deepak Deshpande, Vice President – HR, Netmagic Solutions, “while accepting that everyone has some talent, in my view, ‘critical talent’ are those who create the value an organisation needs to succeed. My personal view is that real talent doesn’t need much hand-holding. It only asks for the opportunities to fulfill its potential.”

The TimesJobs.com 2012 Calendar serves to highlight Talent Spotters like these, who identify and promote gifted individuals, and ensures that they are able to fulfill their potential

“We want to recognize and pay tribute to those that spend their careers finding, identifying and recognizing talent, as part of their work – The HR Managers. By publishing the TimesJobs.com 2012 calendar with an illustrious pantheon of celebrated talent and highlighting their Talent Spotters, we wish to bring to focus and pay tribute to the HR Management community.” remarked Amit Jain, VP, TimesJobs.com.

Have you heard of David Conover, Jay Oliver, Mc Sennett, Francisco Cornejo, Chuck Silvers, Ray Williams, Bill Thompson or Scooter Braun… probably vaguely, if you have at all… but these are the great minds who spotted talent and promoted it to its rightful place in the firmament amongst the stars.

“She was just Jeane Mortenson, inspecting airplane parts and parachutes. It was David Conover’s fine art of spotting talent, that the world knew her as Marilyn Monroe.”

“If it wasn’t for producer Jay Oliver, she would have remained an elementary school music teacher. It was in the producer’s basement studio, where Sheryl Crow was first heard in ad jingles, and then Grammy winning songs.”

“He was just another guy in a travelling vaudeville show when a man named Mc Sennett discovered him. And thus was born Charlie Chaplin. A man who never spoke a word on screen but became an icon who’d live forever in people’s hearts.”

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