TIMES NOW Presents the Next Generation of News Viewing Experience on Watchindia.tv

TIMES NOW, India’s leading news television channel of breaking news will now be accessible to viewers around the world online at Watchindia.tv – your window to what’s happening in India! For the first time ever, TIMES NOW is available outside India both live and on demand exclusively on Watchindia.tv

“As the Indian expatriate population continues to grow in the U.S. and globally, we need to find new mediums to report the news to a wide audience. WatchIndia is the perfect outlet to deliver the news to our dispersing culture. It allows viewers to keep up with Indian news, politics and culture at home,” states TIMES NOW CEO Sunil Lulla.

Times Now telecasts real time on Watchindia.tv with streaming bit rates of 400Kbps and 800kbps offering a “regular” TV viewing experience when viewed full screen or on a TV. Subscribers have the flexibility to control what they want to see and when they want to see it with Video on Demand, Music on Demand, Pause and Play, Time Shifted Television Viewing. Viewers also have the option to connect their PC to a TV set to enjoy excellent picture quality and superior sound effects using a large screen.

“As the largest news outlet in India, TIMES NOW is the perfect partner for WatchIndia. The Indian diaspora in the U.S. only now can access news with Indian commentary getting an insider’s point of view therefore feeling a bit more connected with life in India, said Tripti Singh, WatchIndia spokesperson.

TIMES NOW’s newest content delivery platform, WatchIndia.tv offers viewers in India more flexibility to access news that impacts them, 24/7, at work, home or on the road. Included in the package is Zoom TV, another top rated channel part of the Times Group bouquet of properties. In its first month, it managed 100,000 unique viewers with over 33,000 coming from the UK alone.

Times Now is known for its thought provoking interviews like the most recent special on Sanjay Dutt: A Life In Controversy. Times Now programming has never been better with hit news shows like “Frankly Speaking” and “Entertainment Now.” Visit Www.watchindia.tv for a free two-day trial to view Times Now anytime and anywhere!

TIMES NOW is a 24 hour English news television channel that provides the Urbane viewers the complete picture of the news that is relevant, presented in a vivid and insightful manner, which enables them to widen their horizons & stay ahead.

TIMES NOW is brought to you by Times Global Broadcasting, a Bennett, Coleman & Co and Reuters service.

The Times Group is the largest media conglomerate in south Asia, with Leadership in newspaper publishing; magazines; music retailing; FM Radio; Internet; interactive media; mobile services and lifestyle television.

Reuters is a global information company providing indispensable news and financial information to financial professionals, media organizations and consumers around the world. Its news operation of 2300 editorial staff in 196 bureaus serving 129 countries, makes Reuters the world’s largest international multimedia news agency.

Reuters and the sphere logo are the trade-marks of the Reuters group of companies.

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