TIMES NOW Garners 42% viewership share in week 24

Mumbai: TIMES NOW, India’s Number 1 English news channel has once again made a mark with its unmatched competency in the English news genre. With its revolutionary news format of ‘Seamless News’ delivering quicker updates through stronger coverage from across India, TIMES NOW garnered maximum viewership in week 24.

As per the latest Television Audience Measurement (TAM) data TIMES NOW garnered the highest viewership of 42% (All day CS M 25+ AB, 1mn+ markets – all India) while NDTV and CNN IBN managed a viewership 15% and 26% respectively.

Being the preferred English news channel, TIMES NOW breaks away from the news bulletin format and gives the audience ‘News as it happens’. The seamless news format is designed to get the viewers quicker updates and wider access to the news across India in an impactful and timely manner.

Says Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief, TIMES NOW, “There is no competition anymore in the English News Channel space. All the other channels in the genre combined don’t add up to the viewership of TIMES NOW. The viewer has made his choice. TIMES NOW does not compete with the other channels anymore, it only competes to serve the viewer.”

TIMES NOW has scripted a growth story in delivering English news striding over and becoming the most watched and preferred English news channel.


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