Times Campaign : Act Against Corruption gets 4.4 million calls

Bengaluru: Anna Hazare helped commence a revolution against corruption, and the most overwhelming aspect of the Campaign is how the Indian masses came together. All classes of society, whether or not they have laptops or smartphones and whether or not they are priviledged with tools like Facebook or Twitter, were able to express support for a strong Lokpal Bill as simply as giving a Missed Call. Since only one week from launch of the Times Campaign : Act Against Corruption, there have been over 4.4 million concerned citizens who pledged from all walks of life across India.

The Freedom of Speech and Expression becomes impotent when the common masses aren’t provided with a medium to voice their opinions. The Times of India Campaign chose to poll the votes from all over India, the poor, the wealthy, and the middle class. While Facebook gathered 36,000 supporters and Twitter displayed 1,445 retweets, through ZipDial 080 300 500 51 (simply giving a missed call to vote), they were able to reach farther and gained a total of 45,24,614 votes supporting the Campaign from across the country.

Rishi Khiani, CEO, Times Internet Limited said, “We are excited to see the results of our campaign on the ZipDial platform and glad that we could reach out to many more Indians in the petition for a stronger Lokpal bill. The fact that this service works for the common man across all handsets and operators, while being toll free, makes it an interesting proposition.”

The key to creating successful advertising campaigns is making it seamless for the consumer to engage. Being toll-free and simple, ZipDialing is the most seamless consumer experience for any income level and in any language.

Commenting on the campaign, Valerie Rozycki Wagoner, CEO, ZipDial says “It’s a privilege for us to associate with TOI to support one of the most large scale campaigns in the country. We are happy to provide our service for such a noble cause and help the citizens in voicing their opinions.”

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