Times Attack on Coburn

“When The New York Times editorialized Monday against Sen. Tom Coburn (OK) for blocking a gun bill it supports, the Times confirmed the significance of Coburn’s action,” John M. Snyder of Telum Associates, LL.C., said here on Tuesday.

Coburn last week prevented Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY) from fast-tracking a NICS alleged improvements bill out of committee directly to the Senate floor by objecting to the unanimous consent agreement Schumer and others propose.

“The Times wants Coburn to drop his objections,” said Snyder. “The gun control advocacy sheet believes ‘the gun lobby, and (Coburn’s) colleagues, should call Senator Coburn to heel.’ Coburn obviously has stung the gun grabbers. Good for him!”

Snyder said NICS bill promoters rammed the bill through the House of Representatives earlier this year. He added that both Schumer and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (NY), the chief House of Representatives sponsor, “are notorious opponents of the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms.”

The bill, promoted as a response to the multiple murders by a crazed gunman at Virginia Tech in April, supposedly would strengthen the mental health reporting and enforcing requirements of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Coburn, however, says the proposal does not fund the process by which veterans, as well as any other American who has been tagged unfairly as having mental health concerns, can regain his or her Second Amendment rights.

“In addition,” said Snyder, “the bill does not deal directly with the problem. Virginia Tech prohibits students and professors from carrying guns on campus even if they have state issued permits to carry concealed firearms. Consequently, no one was able to protect victims from the armed madman this spring. Other institutions of higher learning follow similar inane policies.

“Congress should slash federal funding of colleges and universities that prohibit their professors and students from carrying guns on campus if they have state issued permits to carry concealed firearms.”

“The NICS bill needs a lot of work,” said Snyder, “some amendatory action, before it really is ready for thoughtful consideration.”

A former National Rifle Association editor, Snyder is Manager of Telum Associates, Public Affairs Director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and PR Director of the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

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