Tiki Bar TV Inks JV With Me.dium to Offer Live Internet Video

Me.dium, an award-winning consumer software company, and “Tiki Bar TV,” a top downloaded independent video podcast, are partnering to provide viewers with a new social Internet video experience. At 3:00pm ET/noon PT on Wednesday, August 22, Tiki Bar will air its new episode, “The Play.” By viewing the episode through Me.dium, fans will experience a “live” event that incorporates real-time interaction between fans and Dr. Tiki, the creator and star of the show, into the premiere of the episode.

Me.dium, a Web browser add-on that enables users to surf with their friends, discover relevant sites and link-up with other users visiting similar sites, turns the Internet into a social experience. By downloading the Me.dium browser add-on , viewers are able watch the show together while interacting with Dr. Tiki and other fans through Me.dium’s live chat function. Through this feature, Tiki Bar TV offers a live interactive broadcast environment not previously possible through pre-recorded TV.

“We’re extremely excited about the possibilities that stem from incorporating the live collaboration element into our broadcasts,” said Jeff Macpherson, creator and star of Tiki Bar TV. “Real-time interaction definitely adds a level of excitement for the fans that’s not available otherwise. The social aspect completely changes the dynamics of online TV, enabling us to really create a common experience with our viewers.”

“I like to compare this event to the experience of seeing a comedy at a movie theater,” said Kimbal Musk, CEO of Me.dium. “It’s much more enjoyable to watch and share the laughter with others in the theater than to watch the same movie alone. That experience is now available to those watching Tiki Bar TV on their home computer, only now they get to share the experience with other fans, as well as with the star of the show.”

Founded in 2006 in Boulder, Colorado, Me.dium reveals the hidden world of people and activity behind your browser. Me.dium is a consumer software company offering an Internet browser extension that allows the user to see what other people are doing online and to interact with these people in real time. By revealing this new Social Exploration Environment TM (SEE), Me.dium graphically connects users with others doing similar things, allows them to browse the Internet with their friends and enables users to interact with others in their community, similarly to how one interacts with people in the real world. In June of 2007, Me.dium was recognized by CNET’s Webware100 as one of the top 10 community products on the Internet.

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