Thums Up Launches new ‘Taste The Thunder’ campaign

Riding the festive season wave, Thums Up, India’s largest soft drink brand is all set to storm its fans with a new ‘Taste The Thunder’ communication initiative. The launch of the new integrated marketing communication plan includes airing a powerful TV commercial, featuring Bollywood Super Star and Thums Up brand Ambassador, ‘Akshay Kumar’.

The communication takes the ‘I will do Anything for my thunder’ attitude to the next level by showcasing Akshay in the aftermath of the daredevil feat with Thums Up. The exciting initiative shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia attempts to answer “Why a Thums Up lover would go to any extent to get his bottle of Thums Up?. The communication demonstrates the excitement of Akshay after he gets his favorite soft drink – Thums Up in after the enthralling action, aptly expressed by the tagline –‘Mil Gaya Boss! (Got It).

According to Bollywood Superstar and Thums Up Brand Ambassador, Akshay Kumar, “The latest Thums Up campaign showcases the aftermath of the action packed chase for the bottle of Thums Up. Thums Up is all about energy, action and a go-getting spirit and these are the qualities which I closely identify with. Over the years, Thums Up has given me remarkable opportunities to push myself and indulge in extreme actions. It has been a great experience for me. I am sure that Thums Up consumers and my fans will like our new touch in the latest Thums Up campaign.”

Conceptualized by Sainath Saraban, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett and directed by Malaysian Director, Farouk Aljoffery the communication campaign brings out the whole idea of what a Thums Up lover does when he is got his precious bottle of Thums Up after a visibly action-filled chase. In-addition to leveraging mass media, integrated communication plan will be complimented by a range of on the ground initiatives – road shows and contests across all key markets.

According to Kashmira Chadha, Director – Marketing, Coca-Cola India, “Thums up has always been associated with action, attitude and adventure – a positioning that has made Thums Up India’s biggest soft drink brand. The latest communication further builds on the core values of the brand and takes the whole idea of ‘I will do anything for my thunder’ to the next level. The new communication features the aftermath, once Akshay Kumar has got his bottle favorite of Thums Up. I am sure that this new communication will strike a chord with the Thums Up consumers.”

Storyboard of the Ad

Treading a step forward, the latest communication demonstrates the after-math once Akshay has got his favorite bottle of Thums Up. Akshay Kumar is seen in a rather jubilant mood, driving around the city in a totally tattered car with no roof and the engine smoking. The people around him look in utter dismay after seeing his car, imagining what must have happened. Akshay responds in a triumphant mode to one of the fellow drivers at the red signal saying ‘Mil gaya Boss’, and shows off his bottle of Thums Up.

Commenting on the film, Sainath Saraban, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett, said, “A Thums Up drinker’s thirst for his Thums Up is very different from any other thirst, which is why the challenge is to try something new every time. The idea struck us as being a departure from the regular chasing the bottle of Thums Up, but without having to compromise on the core attitude of the brand ‘I will do anything for my Thunder'”. And in this film we feel we have something that truly lives up to the stature of Thums Up. The latest communication shows Akshay experiencing the joy of getting his favorite bottle of Thums Up after a grueling and daredevil feat.”

The communication ends with fun loving Akshay reaching his home all battered up, stamping a flame off his shoulder nonchalantly that obviously got there when he was chasing his bottle of Thunder. A smile flashes on his face when the door is opened and he says raising his Thums Up bottle ‘Mil Gaya’. His friend is shocked and is inquisitive about why does he have to drink only Thums Up. Akshay Kumar makes her taste the drink, resulting in the couple having a mild tussle over the bottle. However the girl gives up and hands him back his bottle of Thums Up..

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