Three out of Top 20 Facebook brands in India:Odigma

Bangalore :Odigma , specialists in Social Media Marketing with emphasis on building business communities on Facebook, has announced that in less than 3 months they have created 0.6 million Facebook fans for their clients. FUsing these communities, Odigma helps its clients grow their customers and brand awareness at a rapid pace.

Commenting on the occasion, Advit Sahdev, CEO & Co-Founder, Odigma, said “In today’s social media space, one to one engagements and personal touch should be used to create ‘Life Time Value’ a critical factor for every customer, which if missed, then one should rather not do social media and just focus on paid advertising. Social media is successful only if you follow the rules of an offline business.” Adding further he said “A short term focused business would just care about the money it has made from one transaction, and try to get the maximum profit from that. He would not create “Life time value”. In simple terms, every community member has a value at any given point in time and it goes up and down based on interactions in the community. The higher the value, more are the chances of the community member actually transacting with the brand.

Odigma uses tools which have been developed in-house for developing communities for their clients. They work closely with their clients to understand the requirements and thereafter create themes which would enhance the image and achieve the set goals. The company understands the value of human behavior, personal touch and one to one interactions and is therefore very successful in creating brand positioning, awareness and engagement strategies for its clients. The reasons to be present on XYZ social platform should not just be that we need to be there because our competitor is there but because one wants to achieve ABC goals. The goals could be brand awareness; the goal can be interactions with community to build the trust or anything else.

acebook is one of the largest social networks and it is growing at an unprecedented pace. Social Communities like Facebook are close knit groups in which word of mouth spreads at a rapid pace.

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